Ellie Gabriel



Research Experience: I previously worked in Dr. Jane Taylor’s lab, studying schizophrenia in rat models as well as in Dr. James McPartland’s clinical lab, looking at brain waves as potential biomarkers of the same social challenges associated with autism. My poster from the International Symposium for Autism Research can be found here. I have also contributed through Dr. Edward Brodkin's lab to the Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence (ASPE), a collaborative project among UPENN labs that seeks to understand the genetic basis of autism. 

Future: I hope to pursue an MD-PhD in biomedical engineering. As a medical scientist, I plan to study autism and develop medical devices that make life more functional for individuals on the spectrum despite the neurological challenges they face today.

Non-Academic: I really enjoy digital photography, graphic design, and drawing people when I am not deep into a science textbook or fervently coding on my laptop. See my artwork in the Yale Scientific Magazine.

Fun Fact: My last year at summer camp, I won an award for “Most Caffeinated,” and I was not surprised!



Vice President

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anmei little



Research experience: I currently work in the Turk-Browne Lab, and we are interested in understanding the functional role of the hippocampus as it pertains to memory and statistical learning in patients with Alzheimer's disease and/or epilepsy. I collect and analyze EEG data from deep brain stimulations.


Over the summer, I worked in Dr. Rong Fan’s biomedical engineering lab, studying neurulation through spatial omics methods that use single cell data. I also worked in Dr. Sarah Slavoff’s genetic lab, where we researched non-canonical translation of small open reading frames (smORFs) and their effects on gene expression.


Future: I am currently planning on getting a master's in BME, and I am specifically interested in understanding and combating age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. I also hope to attend medical school in the future!


Non-Academic: When I’m not playing soccer with the Yale Women’s Club I Soccer team, I love to bake, create both digital and charcoal art, attend CEID design workshops, and binge watch Criminal Minds. 


Fun fact: I would consider myself a pro at MarioKart Wii. :)



Communications Director

Research Experience: I worked under Dr. Evan D. Morris at the Yale PET Center for my freshman and sophomore years. We focused on the kappa opioid receptor and its influence on addictive behaviors borne from alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drug consumption. My projects centered around noise filtration and statistical modeling of the PET data, as well as automating several processes associated with image processing and analysis, such as MRI fractionation.

Future: I am considering pursuing work in industry, particularly in the biostatistics and computation sector, as well as in the venture capital/ entrepreneurial side of the biomedical sciences.

Non-Academic: I am a HUGE audiophile. I play the saxophone in several ensembles throughout the New Haven-New York scene and spend my free time digging for spicy new tracks. I am also into photography, music production, hiking, cooking, and getting those gym gains.

Fun Fact: I once accidentally broke 20+ bowls in the Trumbull dining hall. I feel ashamed every time I go there for lunch.



Social Coordinator

Research Experience: I conduct research in the Miller-Jensen Laboratory exploring heterogeneity within the responses of innate immune system cells. 

Future: I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering in order to become a research scientist. I want to investigate the immune system through a systems biology framework. 

Non-Academic: I play the flute in and am the current president of the Yale Concert Band. I like to spend my time hiking, painting, or reading a good book!

Fun Fact: I've hiked over 35 mountains in my home state, New Hampshire!

Lucy burton


Social Coordinator

Research Experience: I recently just started working in the Niklason Lab at Yale, where I have been focusing on a project regarding the tissue engineering of a whole lung. I was supposed to be collecting data this summer on lung cell proliferation and differentiation, but due to the coronavirus, I'll be working on the project remotely! This means I'll be conducting data analysis, participating in a journal club, and researching other potential methods for our experiments.

Future: After I graduate next year, I plan on gaining some work experience for 2 or 3 years before applying to medical school. I'm not entirely sure yet what type of work I will be conducting after graduation though! Afterwards, I hope to either attend Medical School or Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering. 

Non-Academic: I absolutely love cooking and baking! In addition, I really enjoy volunteering through Yale's Alzheimer's Buddies.

Fun Fact: My fun fact is that Mamma Mia is my favorite movie, and I know almost all the words to all of the songs in the film!



Departmental Liaison

Research Experience: For the past two years, I have worked in the Niklason lab on tissue engineering and vascular therapeutic research regarding the use of biodegradable Mg stents for the treatment of vascular disease.


Future: In the future, I aim to pursue an MD-PhD degree in biomedical engineering and apply engineering principles to solve current medical problems in translational research as a physician-scientist.


Non-Academic: I really enjoy trying new food, playing badminton, and dancing.


Fun Fact: I can eat an entire cabbage in one sitting!


Departmental Liaison

Research Experience: Since 2018, I have worked in Dr. Elias Lolis’ lab in the Pharmacology department at the Yale School of Medicine. My main area of focus involves creating constitutively active mutants of chemokine receptors for structural studies. In the summer of 2020, I also started working in Dr. Mark Saltzman’s lab on a nanoparticle drug delivery project for treating glioblastoma and associated brain cancers. 

Future: After college, I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD program with a focus on biomedical engineering. My ultimate goal is to both develop and apply biotechnology and novel drug delivery methods within the realm of oncology and hematology, optimizing treatment and outcomes for some of the rarest and fatal diseases we face.


Non-Academic: Outside of the lab, I’m an avid dancer and love every style from classical ballet to musical theater. You can also find me on trails running and hiking, or in the kitchen perfecting my baking skills!

Fun Fact: I’ve watched every Studio Ghibli movie 3 times over at the very least — yes, they’re *that* good. 



Industry Liasion

Research Experience: I started research my sophomore year in Professor Jiangbing Zhou's lab, where my work centered on developing an oral method of insulin delivery for diabetic patients. Starting my junior year, I began working for Professor Jay Humphrey, focusing on vascular mechanics. 


Future: I am still deciding if I wish to pursue a career in biomedical engineering or something more industry-related. 


Non-academic: Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading, exercising, and binge-watching a very healthy amount of Netflix.


Fun Fact: Last summer I taught myself to speak Chinese fluently!