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Research Experience: Since 2018, I have worked in Dr. Elias Lolis’ lab in the Pharmacology department at the Yale School of Medicine. My main area of focus involves creating constitutively active mutants of chemokine receptors for structural studies. In the summer of 2020, I also started working in Dr. Mark Saltzman’s lab on a nanoparticle drug delivery project for treating glioblastoma and associated brain cancers.

Future: After college, I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD program with a focus on biomedical engineering. My ultimate goal is to both develop and apply biotechnology and novel drug delivery methods within the realm of oncology and hematology, optimizing treatment and outcomes for some of the rarest and fatal diseases we face.

Non-Academic: Outside of the lab, I’m an avid dancer and love every style from classical ballet to musical theater. You can also find me on trails running and hiking, or in the kitchen perfecting my baking skills!

Fun Fact: I’ve watched every Studio Ghibli movie 3 times over at the very least — yes, they’re *that* good. 



Vice President

Research Experience: I currently work in the Yale Computational Neurophysiology lab, where we research epilepsy and develop computational tools for neuroscience. I previously worked in the Saltzman lab studying in-utero gene editing techniques. In industry R&D, I worked as a data scientist for Click Therapeutics building affective computing technology.

Future: I hope to pursue a PhD in an engineering discipline.

Non-Academic: Skilled at being unproductive, I also spend my time hiking, learning languages, and trying new things!

Fun Fact: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

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Research experience: I am currently working in the Integrative Cardiac Biomechanics Laboratory under Dr. Stuart G. Campbell investigating alpha tropomyosin mutations in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. During the summer of 2021, I worked in the Zhou Lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as part of the Multidisciplinary Engineering and Renal Research for Innovation of Technology (MERRIT) program. I studied cardiac abnormalities in zebrafish caused by a SARS CoV-2 viral protein.  You can find my poster here. I was first introduced to research in high school at the Bronner Lab at the California Institute of Technology studying neural crest migration. 


Future: I hope to pursue an MD and continue my studies of the cardiovascular system and the renal system.


Non-Academic: I love outdoor sport climbing and exploring the New England outdoors. In my down time, I love to throw planter pots and kurinuki bowls. 


Fun fact: Over the covid-19 quarantine, I cut and carved over 15 whole pineapples.



Communications Director

Research Experience: I previously worked at the Hirsch lab, where I studied social neuroscience in dyadic interactions through functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).

Future: I hope to converge my interests in exploring biomedical engineering and sociology to pursue a career in public health.

Non-Academic: I love to sing and am a baritone in the Yale Glee Club! Additionally I love taking care of my plants (ask me about them!), spending money on coffee, and exploring and learning more about New Haven.

Fun Fact: I used to have a trigger thumb where my finger would get stuck in a bent position and had to get surgery to get it fixed (sometimes it still gets stuck :/).



Social Media Coordinator

Research Experience: I worked with Dr. Richard E. Sutton at the Yale School of Medicine for a summer. I worked in a BSL2 lab with infectious diseases, which sharpened my skill with PCR, gel electrophoresis, cell culturing, and the firefly luciferase assay that is used in my project. I have previously worked with Dr. Mark C. Hall at Purdue University through the Summer Science Program in biochemistry. 

Future: I am passionate about entrepreneurship and venture capital in the healthtech area. I hope to innovate medical devices to improve medicine and our quality of life. 

Non-Academic: I love to travel and visit new places. I am a very adventurous person, always excited to try new things and hear new ideas! 

Fun Fact: I didn't bring anything but a backpack on my Yale move-in day. I arrived at the airport too late that the luggage check-in was closed, but I still had 5 minutes to get on the flight, so I left my luggage behind to my parents and ran on the plane before it took off. 



Industry Liaison

Research Experience: I have worked in Dr. Kathryn Miller-Jensen’s lab performing data analysis on single cell RNA sequences.

Future: Following graduation, I hope to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer in industry working in a medical device company. I want to design and produce devices that simplify the life of both the patients and the surgeons while helping to reduce the cost of medical care.

Non-Academic: I love outdoor activities and am therefore part of the Yale Climbing Team as well as the Yale Alpine Ski Team. Additionally, one of my hobbies is the space industry and I am heavily involved with the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association.

Fun Fact: Can talk about Elon Musk for >2 hours straight.



Industry Liaison

Research Experience: I am currently working with Dr. Stuart Campbell in the Integrative Cardiac Biomechanics Lab. My research focuses on using engineered heart tissue to explore the effects of genetic hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathies. 


Future: My next steps will be pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I plan to work in the medical device industry and to have my own biotech start-up. 


Non-Academic: I am a classical pianist but I am currently enjoying the jazz world. I also enjoy cross country running and hiking. 


Fun Fact: My comfort food is southern cooking and I love finding places in New Haven to try southern food.



Departmental Liaison

Research Experience: I began working in the Saltzman Lab my sophomore year spring and have continued since then (even during the summer!). The research focuses specifically on IL-15 knockdown through the use of polyplex delivered siRNA. 

Future: I hope to pursue an MD once I am done with my bachelor’s degree. But am open to change and whatever comes my way!


Non-Academic: I participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities. Some of these include Latina Women at Yale, the Yale Science Magazine, Funbotics and the Society of Hispanic Engineers. 

Fun Fact: I have been stuck knee-deep in mud in the Amazon rainforest before! 



Events Coordinator

Research Experience: 






Fun Fact: