Biomolecular Track


    Biomolecular Engineering is an emerging discipline at the interface of molecular biology, biophysical chemistry, and chemical engineering — whose express purpose is developing novel molecular tools, materials and approaches that are the focal point of applied and basic research within academia, industry and medicine. This effort includes both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary activities, including applied mathematics and computer science, physical chemistry, synthetic and molecular biology, material science and molecular biophysics. The prime goal of these advanced studies is to translate our understanding of the fundamental principles of physical biochemistry into useful processes, devices, therapies, and diagnostics that will benefit society and advance human health.

Track-Specific Courses

BENG 404b / MENG 404b, Medical Device Design and Innovation

BENG 410a, Physical and Chemical Basis of Bioimaging and Biosensing

BENG 411, BioMEMS and Biomedical Microdevices

BENG 434a, Biomaterials

BENG 435b, Biomaterial-Tissue Interactions

BENG 463a, Immunoengineering

BENG 464, Tissue Engineering

BENG 465b / MB&B 361b / MCDB 361b / NSCI 325b, Modeling Biological Systems II 

BENG 467b, Systems Biology of Cell Signaling

MENG 361a, Mechanical Engineering II: Fluid Mechanics 


Real schedules from past students on this track will be added soon