Bioimaging Track


    The Biomedical Imaging research is focused on the applied mathematics, engineering, physics and chemistry of developing methods that are useful for deriving quantitative information from biomedical images that range in scale from molecular/cellular images to mouse imaging to large animal/human imaging. 

Track-Specific Courses

BENG 404b / MENG 404b, Medical Device Design and Innovation

BENG 406b, Medical Software Design

BENG 410a, Physical and Chemical Basis of Bioimaging and Biosensing

BENG 444a, Modern Medical Imaging: Lecture and Demonstrations

BENG 445a / EENG 445a, Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis

BENG 475a / CPSC 475a / EENG 475a, Computational Vision and Biological Perception

BENG 476b / CPSC 476b, Advanced Computational Vision 

BENG 485b, Fundamentals of Neuroimaging


Real schedules from past students on this track will be added soon